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Luba & Lyubomir

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ORCA winning BISS at the Macedonian Group V Specialty in Sept 2011 under honorable judge
Ms. Kim Leblanc.

Siberan Huskies
owned and bred by us

BARS and VOODOO racing an X Ni Ra Scooter at Voniagovtci Dryland race in December 2016.
2 place in DS2.

Scooters and sleds
made by X Ni Ra

Beautiful model Daniela with DITTA, VOODOO, JACK and ORCA, pictured by talented photographer Miroslava Dermendjieva.

Links about the breed
and the sleddog sport

About us

Hi! We are Luba, Lyubomir and a pack of Sibes. Thank you for visiting our page :)
Happy trails 

The Siberian Story

I (Luba) started my journey into the world of Siberian huskies in 1996, when a girl named FURRY (Aklavik Jennifer) came into my life. She was my dream-come-true. The following year the show bug bit me, but Furry did not make it to the big ring. In 1999 I purchased a beautiful red and white boy - WINNER (Winnner of Iditarod Extra) who became my first champion with many Best in specialty show wins and a BIS win. At that time Winner was 3-years old, and he was one of the many Siberians with sad stories. Winny, purchased as a puppy, was returned due to a child birth in the family (???) to the pet shop at the age of 8 months and from there transferred to a back yard of a dog dealer. I met him chained to a pear tree as he was an escape artist and no cage could confine him. From there - from his tree - he has witnessed many dog fights and even kills, unable to defend himself if aggression came to him. For a year I took Winny home for most of the weekends, sometimes to show him, but mostly to provide the boy with love, home and friends. It took me a year to persuade the dog dealer to name a price for Winny and to sell him to me.

Ever since we've been exhibiting, breeding, rescuing and working with Siberians. In 2001 I have registered X Ni Ra with FCI under No 04/01 - a name that today stands for a small family owned facility. Currently we own 6 Siberians who live together as a pack. They all are our family members, as we do not sell adults do not cage nor chain them. Once a dog becomes part of X Ni Ra pack - it is forever.

All our Siberians are sound-minded free-movers. Our Dog's temperament and their movement are the two most important aspects in our breeding together with the dogs' health. We breed mostly for ourselves and we usually have puppies no more than once a year. All of our puppies are healthy, socialized and happy as they are raised in our home. We strongly believe that Siberian huskies are meant to work, and as of the winter of 2002 we've formed a small team. We are scootering in the dry months and sledding in the winters. Here I would like to say a big thank you to Eileen Puge from Fastrk Registered Kennel, Canada for starting me on the sleddog trails and to Julia Shatnikova from IcyLand Siberians, Bugaria for taking me there ... and for dooing it still

Made by X Ni Ra

In 2011 Lyubomir became part of my family and also owner of the kennel. Being a skillful guy with engineering mind he soon started to produce sleds. We designed and tested 2 models that are currently produced by us. Both models are light, foldable and suitable for smaller teams (2-6 dogs), as those are the sleds that we personally use - when we go out sledding we work with teams of 3 dogs. Even though he makes single sleds of different models to suite our clients needs, such a touring and mid distance sleds, we are producing the two basic models for smaller teams.

In 2015 we started designing a training scooter for ourselves. Our goal was to make durable and safe scooter for our spring and fall training routines. As a result the first of the X NI RA Scooters was born and we started production. The design is based on classic scooter frame, however it features innovative wide footboard that provides safety through constant foot cohesion even on muddy trails and all of our scooters come with double crown suspension forks and disk brakes as a standard.

We are proud members of

Luba Zivkova & Lyubomir Stanev | Sofia, 2017


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